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And Then They Were Three

4 May

Today the girls turned the magical number of three.

What a year it has been. Learning to articulate themselves, trying new things. One of my favorite things about this age is that you never quite know what they are going to say next.

Just this past week:

Kelly: “Why do dogs have eyelashes?”

Caroline: “When I’m three I’m going to drive your car.”

Kelly pretending to read a birthday card: “Dear Mommy, open lollipops on our birthday. Signed, Kelly and Caroline.”

Caroline: “I want a nightgown for nighttime so I don’t have to wear pants.”

Oh girls, you bring us so much joy. Happy birthday to the biggest blessings in our life.

Asserting Themselves

27 Jul

In the last few weeks I’ve been amazed by the girls’ communication strides. We’ve reached a tipping point where they are much better able to articulate themselves, often making me laugh in the process. For example:

This morning at breakfast Jim offered Kelly her standard baby cereal and yogurt. She shook her head vehemently.

Kelly: “Cracka!”

Jim: “She’s not eating the cereal.”

Kelly: “Cracka!”

Me: “She wants to eat cheese crackers.”

Kelly: “Cracka!”

Me: “Kelly, we don’t eat crackers for breakfast. Here’s your cereal.”

Kelly: “Cracka!”


Or last night in the bathtub:

Me: “Kelly, do you want to come out of the bath?”

Kelly: “No!”

Me: “Ok, but now it’s time to come out of the bath.”

Kelly: “Nooooo!” (Jubilant splashing)

While Caroline is less verbal right now, she has become really great at answering Yes/No questions, like, Did you go potty? Do you want to play outside? Do you want milk? Do you want to go to the park? She shakes her head for no and grunts with a head tilt up for yes. She’s becoming slightly less frustrated now that we can ask her questions.

Overall these communication developments have made me realize two things.

1) The girls pretty much understand everything I say to them.

2) They know their own minds and wow are things going to get interesting.



1 Jun

It’s official – I now have two toddlers.

Kelly started walking a couple of weeks ago. It was immediately evident how the designation “toddler” originated, as she looked remarkably like a staggering sailor. Belly out, arms shrugged, steps tentative, she felt her way around one step at a time and quickly realized that, hey, this was actually a lot better than crawling. I couldn’t believe how quickly she went from two steps to walking across the whole house. It was almost terrifying.

Caroline took her first steps this week. Now it’s only a matter of time before they are crazy mobile and tearing across the house in different directions. This new phase has a nice benefit of distracting them for a bit while also briefly slowing them down. Not so great side effects include not wanting to be in the stroller for long walks and the necessity of purchasing baby shoes which are incredibly expensive.

It takes some getting used to seeing them cruise around like “real” people, but it’s pretty exciting too. I also find it funny that both of them like to hold onto something while walking; Caroline, a sock, Kelly, a shovel.

And speaking of feet, the girls are going through a lovely bout of hand, foot, mouth virus right now, which apparently is pretty common and is breaking out in my area. Poor things have blisters all over and are none too pleased about it. We have the plague!

That said, hope you all have a great weekend. We will be quarantined but hope to hit the pool.


We are Eleven Months!

4 Apr

The countdown to one begins today as the girls turn 11 months. New milestones include first teeth just popping through, giving kisses when asked, selecting books to read, standing solo for periods of time, saying “hi”, “ball”, “shoe”, and the beginnings of a few more words (Kelly), walking across the room while pushing the car, giving high fives, “twinkling” during “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” and some other fun stuff.

Hey sister, give me a push!

Kelly has been obsessed with books lately, particularly the five-pager Max Pretends that only has 12 words. I have read it to her 100 times in the last few days. Here she is handing it to me yet again.

“THIS one, Mom.”

Caroline has been fascinated with Dublin. She especially loves when Dublin licks her hands. Here she is showing off her standing skills, poised to attack.

Dublin: “Help!”


The girls celebrated 11 months by hanging out with their Great Grandfather.

We’re also looking forward to spending time with our favorite cousin Claire over Easter – more to come on that soon.

Next stop, one year!

Freezing Time

11 Mar

I can’t tell you how many times people have gazed at the girls and said “Enjoy this time — it goes so fast.”

Now I haven’t really felt like this year has sped by. It has been full of challenges and developments and discoveries. At the beginning, I was eagerly looking forward to achieving a certain stability in our day to day lives and was ready to get past six months. And while I agree that it’s impossible to enjoy every second of parenting, I’ve now reached a point where I want to freeze time.

The babies have been so incredible lately. Every day, I can practically see their brains working to figure out the world around them. They’re preparing to walk, beginning to formulate words, generating a sense of humor. I want to press “pause” for a moment to really appreciate the remaining months of their infancy.

Of course, we’re all really only able to live in the present moment. Now it’s so hard to picture taking the girls home from the hospital at four and a half pounds. I recently sorted through their clothes to put them into storage and couldn’t believe how absolutely tiny their preemie onesies appear – and those “doll clothes” were big on them last May! I’m sure I’ll feel the same way about their current outfits in a few months.

Perhaps that’s why I’ve enjoyed blogging and taking their pictures so much. It gives me the opportunity to momentarily freeze time and capture them as they are in this moment. ‘Cuz they’re moving fast, our wee ones, and barreling into the future.

I just want to keep up. And remember how precious this time really is.

Just another day at the "office", waking up for the day.

We are Ten Months!

4 Mar

Today the girls reached ten months, and Grandma Barb and Grandpa John are here to join in the fun. New milestones of late include climbing up stairs, playing peekaboo, eating more grownup food, learning to say “dog”, clapping hands, playing “catch”, and starting to cruise holding on to furniture.

They’re also discovering all sorts of ways to get ouchies, from slamming fingers in drawers, dive-bombing down steps, and other kamikaze maneuvers.

But at least sister’s there to give kisses when one does get hurt.

We’re generally down to one wake-up a night (ok I may be fibbing a little here). Sometimes it’s fun to just watch them sleep.

Caroline the Passie Hunter

Their hair is filling in, and Kelly rocks a pretty sweet mohawk.

The girls are having a blast hanging with their grandparents, especially at the beach.

Here they are, demonstrating some new skills:

Caroline the Gleeful Tower Destroyer

Kelly, with Grandpa, giving the Bumble reading lessons

They also like to kick it in the back of the van.

The adventurers cannot be stopped!

Check out their latest Month-by-Month photo. Inching closer to one year!

We are Nine Months!

4 Feb

It has been a busy month for us with lots of developmental leaps. New milestones include crawling (fast!), pulling to standing, saying “mama” when they want me (which is often, ha), waving hello and goodbye, wanting to eat my food, and throwing everything.

Now when I leave them in their room for just a few seconds, they crawl to the gate immediately and start yelling “mamamamama!!!” in a dual crescendo.

This used to be the gate to keep Dublin out. Now it’s the gate to keep the girls in.

Let's make a break for it, shall we?

Get us outta Alcatraz, mom, pronto.

They like to climb up onto their crib now (Caroline particularly enjoys eating her crib as well).

You are distracting me from my bear-eating with this picture-taking.

K shows off her eating skills

I’ve completely given up hope of them ever sleeping through the night and am just enjoying all the fun stuff they’re learning to do. It’s been quite exciting for me to watch their cognitive development take off – the first time I knew for sure Kelly understood that she was waving, the first time I knew for sure that Caroline was saying “mama” at me. So neat.

We’ve also had some great play dates lately.

Pop goes the monkey with Marielle and Parker

Egads! Two sets of twins!

The girls are prepping for the Super Bowl by getting in the football mood — Gophers jerseys with dad.

Check out their new growth photo in my Month-by-Month tab. Our girls are getting “big”!

Wishing you a fantastic weekend!


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